10 Smoothies For Diabetics

10 Scrumptious Smoothies for Diabetics

Smoothies often get a bad rap for being high in sugar and for their blood sugar spiking abilities. But, if made correctly, smoothies can be a quick meal or snack that provides nourishing nutrients to our bodies! They are also just darn delicious and the PERFECT thing to help cool you down during a hot day.

So, bust out that blender because I have gathered 10 amazingly delicious smoothie recipes that won’t alarm your glucose monitor. Oh and all of the recipes were created by dietitians ;-)

You will also find some tips for making your own blender creation!

Smoothie tips and recipes for people with diabetes.

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Tips for making diabetic friendly smoothies

Fruit contains so many wonderful nutrients that help keep our bodies running smoothly. In fact, many studies have found that fruit consumption is related to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes (1).

If you find that your blood sugar spikes after drinking a smoothie, try adding in a few of these ingredients to help slow down the sugar absorption:

  • Add Fiber

    • Fiber will help slow the digestion of carbohydrates. The more fiber the better! Fiber also helps the healthy bacteria in our digestive tract flourish. Here are a few fiber rich ingredients that go great in a smoothie:

      • Vegetables —> spinach, squash, cauliflower, and kale are all great vegetables to add that won’t alter the flavor of the smoothie too much

      • Fruit —> just about any fruit goes great in a smoothie :-)

      • Avocado

      • Chia Seeds

      • Flax seeds

      • Nuts

  • Add Fat

    • Fat also helps slow down the digestion of carbohydrates. Fat is also necessary to absorb certain vitamins called fat soluble vitamins! Fat soluble vitamins include vitamin A, K, D, and E. Here are few ingredients to add some fat into your smoothie:

      • Avocado

      • Yogurt

      • Flax seeds

      • Chia seeds

      • Nuts or seeds

      • Nut butters

  • Add Protein

    • Protein helps keep us satisfied for longer and aids muscle growth! Below are some great protein additions to any smoothie:

      • Protein powder

  • Add flavor, not sugar

    • More often than not smoothie companies add extra syrups to smoothies to add flavor. These syrups = added sugar. Here are a few ingredients that pack on the flavor without the added sugar:

      • Spices —> ginger, cinnamon, tumeric, or chai

      • Fresh herbs —> Basil, mint, cilantro, or sage

      • Add extracts, not syrups —> try caramel*, vanilla*, or even mint* extract instead of sugary syrups.

10 smoothie recipes for people with diabetes

The smoothies below use many of these ingredients to create some amazing flavors. Test a few out to find which flavor combinations excite you!

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

This tropical smoothie bowl is bound to keep you full and satisfied for hours with its high fiber, protein and, healthy fat ingredients.

BONUS: A few studies have shown that dragon fruit consumption helped reduce fasting blood glucose (1).

You can grab the recipe HERE

Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana! What more could you want? This impressive smoothie bowl has only 270 calories, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of fiber, and 10 grams of protein. To keep the carbohydrate count down, choose toppings such as nuts, chia seeds, or unsweetened coconut chips.

Find the Recipe HERE

Blueberry cheesecake smoothie

Yes, that says cheesecake! This recipe adds a bit of cinnamon to really pack on the flavor without adding extra sugar.

Find the Recipe HERE

Vegan Strawberry Smoothie

This yummy vegan smoothie uses hemp seeds to add an extra boost of protein and fiber!

Find the recipe HERE

Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie

This smoothie has only 63 calories and is THE perfect way to cool down during a hot day. Because it is so low calorie, the smoothie makes a great snack or addition to a meal!

Click HERE for the recipe!

Very Berry Smoothie

Easy and only 4 ingredients! This smoothie is great when you are in a hurry but still want to make something delicious.

Find the recipe HERE

Tumeric Mango carrot Smoothie

Tumeric shines through in this recipe to create a beautiful golden vegan smoothie.

BONUS: Tumeric contains a nutrient called curcumin. While more research needs to be done, curcumin has shown to improve blood glucose and improve diabetic neropathy symptoms in a few studies (2)

Grab the recipe HERE

Cacao date smoothie

Dates and a bit of cinnamon are used in this recipe to add flavor and sweetness.

Find the recipe HERE

Watermelon ginger smoothie bowl

Cashews, chia seeds, and hemps seeds are brought together in this recipe to provide an extra boost of protein and fiber!

Find the recipe HERE

Healthy Coffee Smoothie

Skip the coffee shop and make this mocha frap without the added sugar.

Grab the recipe HERE